First impressions

Week 1 - Post Your Introduction

First impressions are everything when seeking employment. Whether it is in an interview or in a class of new peers, first impressions matter. What do you want your first impression to be in this course? To the instructor? To your classmates?  

•Applying this consideration, tell us about yourself. ◦Include your name, where you live, your major, areas which you have developed or are developing to apply to your current or future career, and any other interesting information you would like to share with the class.

◾Additionally, you may share photos (no party pictures) or even attach your resume, if you would like, but this is not required. (Delete address and phone number if attaching.)

◾As part of your introduction, also review the “weekly overviews” in the left navigation bar in your online classroom.

◾Include one topic in your post about which you are interested in learning more.

◾Also include an example, experience, or reason for why this topic caught your eye and is of interest to you.

**Reminder: Each week you will be given instruction in the Guided Response about the expectations for responding to your peers and to the instructor. (Please see below.) These expectations may differ from week to week and/or from your previous courses, so please reach out to your instructor if you have any questions or concerns.

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