The 10 Year Plan for me.

10 year career plan

2018: Complete the remaining 39 credits at Ashford University out of the required 120 credits needed to achieve my Bachelor of Science Degree in Arts in Psychology that I started at South University of Georgia. Start taking Master’s Degree level classes to achieve my Master’s Degree in clinical Psychology at the same time of my Bachelor of Science Degree.  

2019: Graduate from Ashford University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Arts in Psychology in February. Complete the total number of credits: 36 will be needed in my Master’s Degree in Arts in Psychology. Move back to Atlanta Georgia to get my (Psy.D).  

2021: Pursuing my (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology through behavioral health after being accepted to my Doctorate (Psy.D) program at Emory university mental health and development programs. That is supported by the National Institute of Mental Health & CDC.  

2022: Establish my Clinical Psychology Specialization in pediatric neuropsychology.  

2023: Further my education by working in the Emory Psychological Center that established in 1965, in pediatric neuropsychology.  

2024: Start my first year of my residency in the clinical pediatric neuropsychology program at Emory University school of medicine.  

2026: Complete my last year of clinical pediatric neuropsychology residency. Start working at Emory University mental health and development programs. Start working on my fellowship in my Specialization in pediatric neuropsychology.  

2028: Consider furthering my career by going in to private practice or just stay at Emory University mental health. Start working on treatments, and preventions of mental, emotional problems and building behavioral guidelines at the National Institute of Mental Health.

2030: Teach online classes at a university as a Doctor of Psychology, to give back to the younger generation. Therefore, building the development of students to become the next generation of mental health specialist.