My Resume

Mr. Bobby Porter


Strong leadership skills in real-world settings such as parent coaching & building life skills with the aim of addressing socially important issues in behavior problems. Gathering informative information on learning and goal setting, while educating the parents to become more self-sufficient. Seeking an opportunity where I can utilize my extensive background helping people re-enter into society after a traumatic trauma has occurred. Flexibility/Adaptability in providing counseling, educational support to clients and parents, through recognizing different types of behavioral health issues that impact learning. Teaching children with Autism & learning disabilities through Special education using varied techniques to help promote learning and raise expectations.


Child Development Specialist  

MU Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders  Columbia, MO                

                                                                                     GPA 3.65                             2014-2015

Bachelor of Psychology – Behavioral Health  

South University of GA  Savannah, GA                   GPA 3.34                          2012- 2017

BS & Master of Psychology – Mental Health Counseling  

Ashford University San Diego, CA                          GPA 4.0                              2018- 2020

Psychiatry Residency – Psy.D  

Emory University School of Medicine of GA  Atlanta, GA      GPA 0.00      2020- 2024

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